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Arm Systems

Tarp Arm System in Murrysville, PA

Trust Our Custom Tarp Systems for Landscaping & Asphalt Trucks

Here at Tarp America in Murrysville, PA, our automated tarp arm system has unbreakable arms and a 1.3-horsepower motor.  The systems are available in three-, four-, and five-spring models. We custom-build each tarp arm system to order in-house to match your exact specifications. We offer two types of tarps with our arm systems: mesh and airbag tarps (to cover asphalt). Our customers love the convenience of our tarp arm systems. They are ideal for easily covering and uncovering asphalt and landscaping trucks, and are a great time-saver.

To learn more about the best-quality American-made tarp arm system, or to place your order, contact Tarp America:

Offering Automated Tarp Deployment & Retraction for Murrysville, PA

All of our tarp arm systems are fully automated. They are equipped with an electrical switch inside the cab of your vehicle for deployment and retraction. When you flip the switch, the arms unfurl the tarp over your truck through the spring tension of the arm pivot. The motor retracts the tarp back into the tarp housing when you are ready to unload your truck. This system is ideal for use on trucks up to 40 feet in length.

The Tarp Arm System is Perfect for Covering Peaked Loads

Tarp America’s tarp arm system is perfect for covering peaked loads, as the arms lift the tarp completely over the load. We also sell replacement parts for your tarp arm system. Give our expert team at Tarp America in Murrysville, PA, a call today! We offer our amazing tarp arm systems for customers all across the United States. Why settle for much less when you can have the best? You can fully trust our products here at Tarp America.

Tarp America in Murrysville, PA, is the smart choice when you need a superior, dependable tarp arm system.