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Side Kits

Side Kits in Murrysville, PA

Tarp America’s Side Kits Securely Transport Your Materials

Tarp America’s side kits in Murrysville, PA, transform your flatbed or drop-deck trailer into a temporary or permanent lightweight transportation vehicle. Our side kits will keep your load dry, contained, and protected from the elements. Since 1997, we have provided truck and trailer owners across America with the most reliable products. Our products ensure that your cargo arrives where it needs to go, safely and efficiently. Call us today at (724) 339-4771 or 1-877-377-1921 to order your durable, custom side kit today!

Trust Our Sturdy, Lightweight Side Kits for Flatbeds and Trailers

With our side kits, you can create a sturdy containment enclosure, built right into your unit. They will securely transport materials without the need to buy or rent a standard trailer. When you finish hauling, you can leave the side kit, or remove it to use your flatbed or trailer for other purposes. The side kits store compactly when not in use to take up the least amount of space possible. Reliability, convenience, and efficiency are the main components of our products. So you can rest assured that we will always provide you with the best of the best.

American Made Heavy Duty Side Kits Are Available in a Variety of Colors

Tarp America has custom-manufactures premium-grade side kits in a variety of colors to match your company’s logo or your personal preferences. We construct our rigid side panels from 100-percent American-made, heavy-duty vinyl with an aluminum frame. They are strong, yet lightweight.

We equip our side kits with fitted, premium stakes and 7/8-inch solid aluminum bows. Our bows are custom-arched and fitted to your exact specifications. We can fit them with a cover tarp for added protection. Custom side kits from Tarp America in Murrysville, PA, are durable, reliable, and the safest way to transport your truckload.

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Let Tarp America provide you with the industry's best, most durable side kits in Murrysville, PA.